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Challenge Accepted

At first, like most of you, I was quite alloyed with the amount of ALS challenge videos that surfaced on all social media platforms. That was until I watched this video a month or so ago.

I was nominated by my *so called* friend Quintin – to say that I was not thrilled is an understatement. Immediately I planned on using multi-shot camera angles, Go-Pro mounted über production… yeah that would be cool, but this was never going to happen.

Thankfully, I have just finished reading “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield a few minutes prior to my decision to avoid the resistance (read the book) trap. Instead, I got up, and stopped listening to my BS excuses, no more waiting for the best light, pondering whether I should build a set or use slow-motion/hyper-lapse trash. Just film a quick clip and get on with it, and even compile a blog post all in on go. So here you go - it’s quick, it’s dirty but hey I did it.


I nominate the following:

Small camera guru and Fuji X-Photographer - Neill Soden.

Home-cook and full time alcoholic - Matthew Wright.

Code monkey and beloved family member -  Wessel Swanepoel.

Full time trucker/skateboarder and occasional photographer - Mike Schmucker.

Missionary man and vagabond - Tiaan Fölscher.


Before you send me hate mail, please have a look at the above linked ALS video. 
In true Jack Bauer fashion, you have 24 hours -insert profanity here-. 
Donations can also be made at: South African Motor Neurone Disease Association.