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A little more information about Dylan Swart and the services he offers

 About & Services

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I’m Dylan Swart; a commercial and editorial food photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. My day-to-day includes working with talented creative professionals, premium brands and celebrated advertising agencies to develop beautiful food imagery. The style of work that excites me most is centered around creating bold visuals by combining beautiful food and interesting light.


I have always been fascinated by light and the way it plays off subjects in everyday life – so photography was a medium I felt naturally drawn to. My interest in food was sparked while traveling and exploring different cultures, but it was only a few years later while studying towards my degree in photography that it all really fell into place. I realized that I could combine my love of food and the technical aspect of creating an image; so pursued a career specializing in food photography.

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During my career as a professional photographer, I’ve captured over 40 magazine covers for leading magazines, as well as working on a wide variety of editorial content and travel assignments. My experience in food photography is extensive and I’m fortunate that my regular projects include photographing commercial advertising campaigns for well-known brands, agencies, local businesses, and start-ups.

I’m proud and grateful to have received a number of awards recognizing my work, including several Sony Profoto Awards.

Behind the Lens

When I’m not on set you can find me spending time with my wonderful wife; listening to a podcast or immersing myself in a documentary or movie (I’m a huge fan of Denis Villeneuve’s inspiring film-making work).

I love running a roll of film through my ever-growing camera collection. I find the entire process therapeutic; from capturing a frame to processing the film by hand – it’s a very special thing to be able to step away from my digital day-to-day and remind myself why the art of photography is so magical.

Make a Booking

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Beautiful images for brands are paramount in our hyper-visual world. Striking visuals have the ability to elevate and set a brand apart from its competitors, as well as communicate a message clearly to customers. In short, unique images are not a luxury for brands, they’re an essential investment.

Exceptional food photography requires a specialized set of skills unique from other fields of photography. I work closely with creative teams, including talented food stylists and together we bring concepts to life.

If you’d like to work with an experienced food photographer who has a calm presence on set, please be in touch with me here. I’ll gladly guide you through the process of planning a photo shoot.

Services I offer:

  • Food photography for advertising campaigns

  • Editorial food photography for magazines

  • Photography for recipe books

  • Food photography for website and social media content

  • Food photography for marketing visuals and brand awareness