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Breaking Bad (habits)

I have always understood the importance of personal projects; you know… creating the stuff that you really care about! Nevertheless, every time I come crashing down to the realization that I am not creating enough personal work; a body of work that feeds my soul with something meaningful, rather than trying to please a client. Let's face it, we all try to push the envelope with the little bit of creative input given to us with briefs – but you can only do so much until you start burning out…

Once you start working professionally, it is easy to fall behind and hinder your own personal growth as a photographer if you neglect shooting for yourself. There are plenty of photographers that are hired purely on their personal work alone - so the substance that makes you feel alive, might very well be the same thing that pays the bills. Here is the catch; you have to get off your ass to create something meaningful. Get together with fellow creatives, brainstorm, come up with a concept and go create something beautiful.

Before you go watch this, then go Do something you CARE about.